Communication & Employer Branding Support

The EB subscription is a comprehensive support service in communication and employer branding areas.

For whom?

It is addressed to companies that need assistance in the field of:

  • internal communication and PR
  • development and implementation of image-building activities
  • organization of internship and ambassador programs

Using our team of specialists: designers, programmers, copywriters, digital marketers, strategists, we propose, and then design and implement best solutions to empower the employer brand and improve Employee Experience.

Why you should try?

We know that organizing a creative team in a company involves many challenges:

  • finding the right talents
  • budgeting for full-time jobs
  • equipping positions
  • many others

It is much easier (and cheaper) to use the services of the EB agency, which provides ongoing support for internal communication and employer branding activities.

Sounds curious?

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