Gifts that build Employee Experience

LoveJob and BohoBox invite you to the world of unique, personalized company boxes!

As a part of our offer, you will get:

  • creative idea and product proposal
  • branding recommendations
  • execution: we coordinate and put everything together!

Our company boxes are the perfect way to celebrate the most important moments in your company: welcoming new employees, anniversaries, company meetings, team integration.

If you want to thank your people, please contact us – we will do our best to make each of them feel surprised, important and appreciated!


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EB communication strategy

By choosing our services, you get a package of benefits:

  • digital analysis describing how you are currently positioning on the market
  • professional interpretation of your organization’s EVP
  • carefully characterized personas that allow you to reach the right audience

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Employer branding campaign

As a part of the employer branding communication, we provide:

  • creative concept: claim, main message, tonality
  • key visual that will distinguish you and attract the candidates
  • media selection tailored to the preferences of the target group

Are you looking for specialists to cooperate with? More information below.

Recruitment marketing

When working on the recruitment campaign:

  • we develop a campaign strategy and creative concept
  • we suggest which channels to choose
  • we mediate in the purchase of media
  • we guide in servicing campaigns from implementation to results analysis

In our work, we use the capabilities of such tools as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads search results.

We also use the functionality of ads in the Google Display Network and ads in Gmail mailboxes.

Social Media communication

No time for Social Media channels? Choose our monthly subscription! Its package includes:

  • personalized communication tactics
  • ongoing support for profiles: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube
  • EB content production and SM channels moderation

Do you have professionals to look after your SM channels, but you don’t have any creative ideas?

Use our EB Social Manual. It is a document with the characteristics of target groups, graphic layouts and communication tonality, publication schedule.

Career page and services

We create dedicated landing pages as well as entire pages focused on work in a given organization.

We manage projects from A to Z: from concept, through design, to implementation.

When starting the work, we take on the line:

  • the target group needs
  • IT integration with ATS systems, e.g. eRecruiter
  • UX/UI track with “mobile first” approach

Employer branding content

Our services include the space creation and the content production on all levels:

  • tools: newsletters, landing pages, sharepoints, etc.
  • graphic: corporate presentations, onboarding materials, animations, etc.
  • verbal: UX & SEO writing, mailing content, internal messages, posters, blogs, etc.