Communication process outsourcing

  • Skills, experience and pro equipment as a service. We provide access to a business service – a subscription to the professional internal and external communications team.
  • Consultants, strategists, digital experts and creative talents work effectively on the basis of a common vision and process. We propose and implement solutions. We are part of your team.
  • We work with Microsoft Teams – this way you can easily communicate with colleagues about changes and projects within the company.
  • Focus and engagement are the two key currencies of the future. Companies need to focus on running their core business. However, to operate smoothly, communication with employees must be effective within the company.
  • Organising such a team in a company entails a number of challenges: first and foremost, finding the right talent, incorporating them into processes, planning the budget, equipping workplaces, etc. The solution? Outsourcing means #pro quality and no worries!

Internal Communication

  • We develop a communication plan (strategically including senders, recipients, communication channels and the messages themselves) and assist in its implementation.
  • We prepare communication tools that meet the needs of both senders and receivers. Our focus is on a feedback culture and active participation in communication.

Corporate communication & communication during changes

  • Communication strategies to support changes in organizations: restructuring, takeovers, consolidation, decentralization, employee transfer between organizations or rebranding.
  • Communication plans, response schemes and message templates to be used in crisis situations.
  • We advise in choosing crisis communication channels and create new ones (e.g. information portals for employees).
  • Ongoing support in anti-crisis activities.
  • Consultation on strategies in times of crisis to minimise its negative effects (e.g. efficient remote work, prevention of rotation).

Online & offline recruitment marketing

  • Developing and implementing image building and recruitment campaigns: starting from concept to media selection and purchase.
  • Developing an advertising strategy and runing online campaigns to acquire selected target groups. Using the resources of such advertising tools as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads.
  • Conducting remarketing campaigns, using functionalities such as advertising on the Google advertising network (GDN) and in Gmail mailboxes.

Employer Branding communication strategies: internal & external

  • Developing creative concepts and implement ideas for occasional communication, such as anniversary, career days etc., consistent with the company’s EB strategy.
  • Concepts for onboarding projects and talent programs.
  • Complex EB communication strategies based on our proven mechanisms of supporting employee experience and employee engagement.

Branding and creation

  • EB materials based on marketing guidelines – according to Corporate Identity.
  • Application of the corporate rules to the local market.
  • Preparation of EB manuals, key visuals and employer brandbooks

Digital: career portals and social media

  • We build career portals: first we analyze the needs of your target group to adjust the key content of the portal: sections, subpages, forms, etc. Providing tools available to candidates in the form they expect – not forgetting the mobile version of the portal. 
  • Integration of career portals with ATS systems such as eRecruiter.
  • Employer brands’ social media presence strategy: we choose an appropriate platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), create a communication plan, prepare copies and graphics, engage.
  • We support digitalization in organizations, advise, help companies enter the digital world.

Career portals and websites

In the digital era, these online tools guarantee us the most precise and effective way to reach candidates and employees. For this reason we like to integrate our EB strategies with the career portals.

We know what candidates are looking for and what is the most valuable to them. And how to distinguish “must-have” and key functionality from the momentary trend.


We choose proven website features that meet the needs of your target group. In such a career portal we design appropriate communication blocks, including company history, newsfeed and current job offers.


We ensure a positive experience of the candidate by means of an intuitive on-site jobs search engine. Thanks to integration with ATS systems (e.g. eRecruiter), we support you in recruitment management.


A place where the most important elements of employer branding communication can be gathered, and thus create an impact in building the employer brand


Selecting those tools that have the greatest impact on the experience of the target group. Thanks to this we present a modern image of the employer, with whom it is definitely worth cooperating.

Areas of industry with which we have a special relationship.

Shared Services Centres & BPO

Production & technology

Finanse & insurance


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