Innovative service for organizations that don't want to fall behind!

Employer Branding Retainer FEE

Need to strengthen your employer brand’s image and increase employee engagement, but lack resources? A team of professionals is ready to take on tasks and become part of your team immediately!

Innovative service: strategic, consulting and action implementation. We will:

  • define communication personas,
  • develop an Action Plan for internal and external activities,
  • set KPIs,
  • execute the planned actions, share knowledge, and inspire action.

In addition to the specific service, you will receive more – added value and a real impact on business development, all within a defined monthly budget. Sounds right, doesn’t it?

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EB communication strategy

By choosing our services, you get a package of benefits:

  • digital analysis describing how you are currently positioning on the market
  • professional interpretation of your organization’s EVP
  • carefully characterized personas that allow you to reach the right audience
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Recruitment & image campaign

The recruitment & image campaign allows you to reach specialists with the expected qualifications and increase brand recognition on the local market. When working on it:

  • we develop a campaign strategy and creative concept
  • we suggest which channels to choose
  • we mediate in the purchase of media
  • we guide in servicing campaigns from implementation to results analysis
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Employer branding campaign

As a part of the employer branding communication, we provide:

  • creative concept: claim, main message, tonality
  • key visual that will distinguish you and attract the candidates
  • media selection tailored to the preferences of the target group
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Social Media communication

No time for Social Media channels? Choose our monthly subscription! Its package includes:

  • personalized communication tactics
  • ongoing support for profiles: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube
  • EB content production and SM channels moderation

Do you have professionals to look after your SM channels, but you don’t have any creative ideas?

Use our EB Social Manual. It is a document with the characteristics of target groups, graphic layouts and communication tonality, publication schedule.

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Career page and services

We create dedicated landing pages as well as entire pages focused on work in a given organization.

We manage projects from A to Z: from concept, through design, to implementation.

When starting the work, we take on the line:

  • the target group needs
  • IT integration with ATS systems, e.g. eRecruiter
  • UX/UI track with “mobile first” approach
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Employer branding content

Our services include the space creation and the content production on all levels:

  • tools: newsletters, landing pages, sharepoints, etc.
  • graphic: corporate presentations, onboarding materials, animations, etc.
  • verbal: UX & SEO writing, mailing content, internal messages, posters, blogs, etc.
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