We have marketing and digital hearts

We believe that EB is as important today as marketing. Therefore, it should be equally high-quality. The division between partners and employees exists only in silos and business processes. There is one person who’s both a partner and an employee. That’s why marketing creates “LoveBrands”, and we help build “LoveJobs”.

As the only EB agency in the local market, we have our roots in marketing and digital. We know that everything begins and ends online, so that’s where we seek inspiration, ideas, and data. In our work, we pay attention to a strategic and creative approach, good UX/UI, original graphics, and engaging content. Through this, we create unique experiences for employees and candidates.

Why is it worth working with us?



realised in the IT and Technology, SSC and BPO, Finance, Production and Logistics sectors.


years of experience

of all our specialists in EB, analysis, creation, content marketing, digital environment.



whose knowledge and experience your company can draw on.


increased visibility

Such results were achieved by brands after only 3 months of cooperation with us.



for a demanding position. All you have to do is just let us help you recruit.


clicks on ads

Regardless of the goal: recruitment or awareness, we will make your target group convert.

See how we work

As real game changers, we do not stop at ready-made solutions and look for our own ways to succeed. The measure of our success is the fact that over 70% of new clients come from the recommendations of companies which we have previously cooperated with.


It takes place with our irreplaceable EB Project Manager. We expect the Partner to appoint one decision-making person for permanent cooperation and contact.


The form of contact and the method of providing materials and feedback are agreed during the kick-off meeting. We use classic tools: Meet, Teams, Email, SharePoint, Drives.


Due to our work in an agile model, we meet with our Partners online every 2 weeks to summarize the activities carried out so far and plan the next steps.


Together with the Partner, we set short- and long-term goals in the context of the business environment and define the success measures (KPIs) that we can refer to.

Meet our specialists:

Graphic Designer

Just say a word and everyone will see your brand the way you see it.

UX/UI Designer

A specialist in the best experiences and making life easier for users.

Social Media Specialist

She knows what people want to see and she gives it to them.


She learnt all the ropes working with people and processes so today she’s killing it in EB.

Performance Manager

Paid ads systems are a piece of cake for him. Conversion? He eats it every morning.

UX Content Creator

It creates the narrative of your brand and can sell snow to the Eskimos with just one word.

We support employers who see the potential of the digital world in attracting the best employees and engage talents through communication. We understand the importance of online activities and treat digital as a tool and inspiration.

Anna Arak-Stachacz | COO