Performance Marketing

Are you seeking for a way to reach your target group with a limited budget? Do you want the right people to find out who you are and what you can give them?

Use our offer! Choosing it, you will:

  • increase traffic on your website
  • increase conversion
  • maximize your sales profits
  • reach new target groups

How? With an integrated ad campaign on Social Media, Google and LinkedIn that we will implement for you.


Campaign plan

It starts within 3 to 10 days after receiving all accesses, information and finalizing the payment.

Monthly services include:

  • production of graphic creations and their adaptation
  • building advertising content
  • setting the mechanics based on the completed brief
  • creating an advertising account / accounts (we work on our own ones)
  • reports once a week
  • phone consultations with a specialist once a month

Social Media Communication

You don’t have time nor idea for your Social Media channels? Use our Social Manual!

It is a document that contains a description and characteristics of target groups, graphic layouts and communication tonality, publication schedule.

Choosing it, you will get:

  • tonality tailored to your audience
  • topic suggestions that you can post on each of the platforms
  • guidelines for visual direction, graphics and photos
  • personalized graphic templates
  • recommended emoji and hashtags

Social Media Maintenance

You don’t have time to post on your Social Media? Come to us, we will do it for you!

As a part of servicing your channels, we offer:

  • construction and distribution of content tailored to the specifics of the channel
  • graphic design (based on the client’s visual materials or stock photos)
  • creating and moderating posts once a week, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Content Marketing

Our services include the space creation and the content production on all levels:

  • tools: newsletters, landing pages, sharepoints, etc.
  • graphic: corporate presentations, onboarding materials, animations, etc.
  • verbal: UX & SEO writing, mailing content, internal messages, posters, blogs, etc.

Web design & development

A good website can’t just look good – it needs to work as intended, too. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into making our development process top-notch.

Thanks to our digital facilities, you can get:

  • dedicated landing page
  • the entire website

Our specialists, developers and UX/UI designers will not only design the graphic layer of your site, but also code it for you.