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About us

LoveJob  is a synergy of competence, experience and skills in strategic marketing, PR, communication and HR, supported by technology and digital solutions. We will help you in achieving your goals in the area of employer branding activities and HR marketing communication.

Anna Arak-Stachacz

Co-founder, 12 years experience in marketing, communication and PR in agencies, SMEs and corporations. I am energetic, concrete and committed 100% to everything I do. I managed marketing and internal communication of the hotel chain, have created and launched into market a cosmetics brand. For more than 2.5 years, I used to be a marketing communication manager at ING Bank, where my team and I gained prestigious industry awards: Złote EFFIE and KTR. My actions have also led to great sales results. I saw how important engaging marketing and HR communication with employees, candidates, clients was. What the company loses communicating inappropriately with the talents inside and outside the organization. Today, creating the positive employer’s image requires the same artistry as marketing aimed at customers. That was the reason I decided to start LoveJob employer branding agency to share my knowledge and skills in implementing effective employer branding activities.

Sebastian, Wiola, Agnieszka, Valeriia, Paweł, Grzesiek, Patryk, Paweł, Arek, Rafał.

Co-workers. Graphic design specialists, art-directors, copywriters and proofreaders. Animators and creators of engaging video films. Developers and web designersWeb and mobile app designers. Inborn organizers and event planners. Business trainers. HR professionals with passion and energy. Lecturers at the University. Photographers of emotions. Cat owners. Bicycle fans. Specific and friendly. It might seem strange to you, but you really need this kind of “cocktail” of competence to carry out activities in the area of employer branding.

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