Lack of applications. Image-recruitment campaign aimed at attracting passive candidates for the position of international C + E driver. Design and implementation of a Career page tailored to the target audience.

Case of the day:

Challenges in the TSL Industry

Just as technological advancements drive demand for engineers and programmers, growing logistical needs and globalization require adequate access to qualified international drivers. This has led to increased competition among transport companies for these talents.

In response to this challenge, Boekestijn Transport, a European leader in transport solutions, approached us for assistance in recruiting such specialists. The goal was to reach not only the target group from Poland but also from Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova.

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The strategic-creative concept

In the online campaign targeting candidates living in Poland from abroad, we opted for simple language that directly communicates the benefits of working for Boekestijn Transport. Thus, the slogan “Comfortably” became the guiding claim of the campaign, emphasizing what is most important for the specified target group – comfort at work and access to amenities within the company vehicle.

Subsequently, since the campaign covered several dispersed and diverse target groups, we took into account their different profiles in targeting criteria to maximize advertising effectiveness.

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Dedicated Landing Page

As a result of launching the performance campaign, traffic generated by the target group was entirely directed to the image-recruitment landing page – the career page. During its design, our experts took into account the UX/UI path of the specified target group and ensured an appropriate Candidate Experience. This allowed us to guide the user step by step, from a rich offering of benefits and incentives to delve into knowledge about the employer brand, all the way to the application process. A simple application accessible via mobile devices was a key element of the strategy.

Furthermore, the full responsiveness of the page translated into a satisfactory conversion rate, stemming precisely from mobile users.

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Nearly 300 applications from passive candidates!

Our communication strategy has achieved the intended result – from the online campaign alone, which lasted for 3 months, we garnered over 40,000 views. Thanks to thoughtful messaging and consistent brand awareness building among the target audience, as many as 278 potential candidates expressed interest in the Partner’s offer and submitted their application for the specified position.

Is that sounds interesting to you? We are LoveJob – Employer Branding Agency in Poland.

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