Current support in internal and external communication. Building brand identity within the employee and potential candidate environment.

Case of the day:

The demanding technology industry

The development of technology and digitalization of the economy generate a high demand for engineers, programmers, and technicians, which in turn leads to increased competition among companies for talent.

Harman, a leading manufacturer of audio solutions, automotive technology, and consumer electronics, has presented us with a challenge related to optimizing communication and building brand identity in order to increase team retention and reach passive groups of candidates from the tech industry.

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Information campaign

As part of our ongoing collaboration, we create information campaigns for Harman employees, providing them with valuable information about initiatives, projects, and company updates.

By utilizing various communication channels, such as dedicated email campaigns and offline materials, we enhance their engagement and motivation, as well as foster brand loyalty.

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Internal & External Communication

To meet the communication needs of the Harman community, we create personalized graphic materials and develop content consistent with the company’s tone of voice.

The content we produce includes news and relevant information from the employer’s perspective, serving both internal purposes, such as motivating employees, and external goals, such as reaching a new audience and encouraging applications.

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Presence in Social Media

To strengthen Harman’s brand presence on social media, we create compelling content marketing strategies.

These include engaging posts and animations designed to showcase the technological dimension of the company and highlight its core values, unique atmosphere, and rich offerings.

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Online workshops

During workshops for the management team, we provide knowledge and skills necessary for effectively promoting the employer brand.

The workshops focus on various aspects of employer brand building, including:

  • Communicating the company’s values
  • Creating a positive work culture
  • Building an engaging Employee Experience

Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, we provide tools that help managers align their team’s goals with the overall brand strategy.

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