Educating employees about common threats related to cybercrime and preventive measures.

It all began with this:

Disturbing messages

Our client, a major player in the Aviation Valley employing over 700 people, turned to us with the following problem.

In the company, some employees received suspicious emails in which the sender impersonated individuals from the organization. However, the IT team in the organization discovered that this was not the only problem; many employees were saving their computer passwords and leaving them in visible places. Our task was to change that!

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Outreach strategy

Since the client had previously tried unsuccessfully to draw the employees’ attention to their cybersecurity mistakes, as part of the campaign, we decided to approach them with something that would undoubtedly capture them both in terms of messaging and its location – ambient advertising.

As a form of marketing that “surprises,” ambient advertising would aim to activate employees around the issue and increase their engagement in finding a solution.

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I can’t give you my password, but I can give you a high five!

One of the first elements proposed by us for implementation was a teaser – a series of stickers appearing in strategic locations throughout the company premises. The content on the stickers aimed to “attack” the recipient at the least expected moment and subliminally increase their awareness of cyber threats.

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Watch and learn!

Next, we took care of a more expressive form of communication – posters. Our proposed designs depicted the most common and dangerous online threats (such as phishing, email scams, etc.).

In addition to their original graphic design and humorous slogans, the media we suggested included solutions to each of the addressed problems. In this way, they not only entertained but primarily educated the employees.

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Send this email to: 700 contacts

As part of the communication cycle, we also developed an internal email campaign. We explained what would soon happen in the company and encouraged all 700 employees to get involved in our unconventional project.

The response was very positive!

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To ensure that the offline communications we developed reach everyone in the company, we prepared their equivalent electronic versions.

By creating files that can be displayed on multiple screens [owned by the client] within the organization, we could reach all individuals in the company.

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Thanks to our creative approach, the campaign yielded countless results. The unconventional form of communication we employed generated significant interest, creating what we understand as “word-of-mouth marketing” effect.

From that point on, within the organization, it was noticeable how employees engaged in conversations about the published content, taking pictures of them and sharing personal anecdotes. Many of them enjoyed the humor embedded in the materials, which made them eagerly anticipate future releases. Thus, we successfully achieved our educational goal.

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