Increase the number of job applications for production positions with very high local competition.


We analyzed the activities of the competition and the behaviour of the target group. The conclusion we reached was that the application via sending a CV may be unsuitable for some candidates. So we proposed to provide them with an alternative, much closer tool — a phone.


We tried to develop a creation that matches the target group — not only understandable, but also convincing. The face of the campaign is a real Vesuvius employee – someone the candidates can identify with (and will cooperate with).

04. Communication

Our focus was on a direct message. We talk straightforwardly about benefits and stakes. The main slogan of the campaign, “Good work for you”, is the answer to the problem of the target group. At this point, we initiate a conversation with the candidate, which he will continue on the phone.

Communication tool: Billboard

We decided to base our outdoor campaign on billboards. We operated comprehensively – not only did we prepare the creation, but also managed the process of selecting appropriate media, their purchase, settlement, etc. In our creation, we focused on providing the most important information related to a particular position in a clear and transparent way. We adapted the message because of the medium: we presented only one benefit. Additionally, we exposed a dedicated number to contact the recruitment supervisor.

Communication tool: Citylight

Citylights were used to communicate more precise values. By using the language of benefits and personal narration, we have presented a complete catalogue of the most important benefits from the perspective of our recipient. Due to the character of the target group, we focused on strong values, not typical "free fruit Thursdays". Our target group travels mainly by public transport, so bus stops were a logical strategic choice for us. Just like in the case of billboards, an important element of the creation was a photo of Łukasz – a real Vesuvius employee, with 10 years' experience.

billboards and citylights
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