Increasing recognition of Vesuvius brand as an employer. Support of recruitment activities and promotion of the career portal.

In order to reach potential candidates, we decided on a modern communication channel, because it is determined by their needs. We have developed two Google Ads strategies: a campaign supporting outdoor recruitment activities and a general campaign with image-recruitment communication.

Step by step advertising strategy

We reach people searching for specific information on Google by means of text and image ads to generate valuable traffic on the dedicated career portal

In order to fully exploit the potential of online advertising opportunities on Google we decided to choose the most effective advertising formats. These include simple text ads in Google search results and call-only ads which allow candidates to contact a recruitment supervisor directly (from the ad level). We also create graphic ads displayed on Google partners’ websites and directly in candidates’ Gmail mailboxes, as well as responsive display ads in which, thanks to artificial intelligence, the most effective combinations of text and images are selected.

By means of remarketing (graphic) ads we return with the message to people who have interacted with the career portal. Thanks to this we increase employer brand awareness and encourage candidates to apply for job offers on the career portal.

Analysis of the possibilities to reach the target group

Our preliminary analysis of brand recognition on Google, in the context of job interest, consists in checking the monthly number of queries about Vesuvius. In addition, we check what the candidates most often type in, looking for jobs for positions we are interested in.

After the research is completed, we choose the keywords: after entering them into the browser, the candidate will be shown an advertisement encouraging to visit the career portal. We use several phrase matching options (exact match and broad match modifier) to ensure that no potential candidate is overlooked. An exact phrase is e.g. “work in production” and a phrase with a broad match modifier – “I am looking for a job in a production line in Skawina”.

Campaign setup

Remarketing campaigns require lists with visitors of the career portal. Thanks to the tags on the Vesuvius career portal, we “catch” every candidate who has visited it and save him on the remarketing audience list. We can use these lists for campaign purposes later.

In case of image campaigns displayed on Google partners’ websites, we determine the interests of potential audience=candidates using intelligent Google mechanisms.
For the Vesuvius campaign, these were people interested in finding a job or an internship, career development and CV building.

In addition to selected keywords and audience interests, the target group is adapted to the chosen location, age and gender.


The content of advertisements is prepared according to the promoted job offers. We take into account the keywords, not forgetting about CTA (call to action) at the end of the ads. In addition to main message, we choose ad extensions. This is relevant information to encourage candidates to click on our ads and increase their visibility on the Google search results page. We add sitelink extensions (links to subpages of the portal with their descriptions), phone number to a recruitment supervisor, through the callout extensions we write down the benefits offered by Vesuvius.

Banner ads

The designed graphic banners are consistent with the career portal and outdoor campaign: billboards and citylights. We tested various messages addressed to potential candidates while conducting the recruitment campaign for production positions.


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of campaign effectiveness every month. It includes comparing statistics, CTA testing, monitoring which content and creations generate the longest time spent on the career portal and the highest number of completed conversions (applications). Continuous ads optimization results in a higher CTR (click-through rate) and greater user engagement on the website.

clicks on the Apply button
users who have visited the website thanks to our advertisements
channel to generate valuable traffic on the career portal

Other implemented EB activities for Vesuvius

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