Creating a coherent image campaign for a brand unknown on the employee’s market.

By analyzing the environment, we proposed an online career portal  and strengthening the employer brand with both indoor and outdoor tools. We integrated offline activities with an online campaign such as Google Ads. Multi-channel communication allowed us to reach a diverse group of recipients: SSC employees, production line or highly qualified engineers.

Starting point

To whom do we address our message?

At the beginning of our cooperation with Vesuvius, we were faced with two challenges: creating a recognizable employer brand and supporting the transition of employees from Accenture to Vesuvius. Moreover, the communication concept had to be capacious enough to involve not only office workers but also production workers.

How to achieve our goal?

What do we use to communicate?

In our campaign for Vesuvius we combine offline with online. The tools we choose are the answer to specific problems. Billboards increase recognition of the employer brand among candidates, posters in offices and production plants are a carrier of Vesuvius’ (EVP) values. Internal visual communication is personalized (gifts for employees, e.g. mugs, coasters) and more human (mural prepared on the basis of employees’ observations). On the other hand, the image & recruitment portal combines EB communication and constitutes a recruitment tool (integration with eRecruiter).

There are no problems we can’t overcome

What do we talk about?

We have chosen a strong campaign slogan – “Let’s get to know each other”. We wanted the current employees to get to know each other and rediscover Vesuvius. As for potential candidates, the campaign initiated a strong entry of the employer brand into the market, enabling them to get acquainted with Vesuvius and its business. The capacity of the slogan was crucial for us – it is a common communication point for all target groups. What’s more, it’s natural and “lightweight”, so we could communicate the value of sincerity and directness.

Merging of employer branding strategies

The Career Portal

As part of the employer branding campaign, we developed a career portal for Vesuvius. It was an ambitious task for us. So far, Vesuvius in Poland did not have its own “place” in the web, its presence was based on an English language corporate website. Having guidelines from the headquarters and being in constant contact with them, we built everything from scratch. The result of our work is a portal that integrates recruitment and image activities, and is a strong (and effective) point in acquiring new candidates and maintaining engagement of existing employees.

Communication tool: key visual

Through the key visual of the campaign, we wanted to show in a simple way how Vesuvius’ activity looks like and invite the target group to get to know it. Our client operates in a little known industry – metallurgical ceramics. However, we have set ourselves the goal of showing the effects of Vesuvius’ work in an artistic, interesting way, encouraging to further learning about the company’s products. To increase the strength of the “Let’s get to know each other” slogan, we signed it with the Vesuvius logo. This emphasizes that it is Vesuvius proposing to get to know each other.

Communication tool: posters

We conduct an integrated communication for Vesuvius, which is consistent with the main assumptions of the campaign – regardless of the medium. For internal communication we have chosen, among others, posters that convey the values of Vesuvius. But these are not only posters – we have prepared dynamic PDF materials. This allows our client to create materials according to the branding assumptions themselves. Free text editing with maintenance of visual consistency is an innovation that we implemented in Vesuvius.

Communication tool: mural

One of elements of the EB campaign was to create a mural. It was made on special order, based on the employees’ insights. It is a tool that strengthens the sense of belonging and commitment: it shows the life of the company through the eyes of its employees. It is also an element showing the work culture and open atmosphere.

Online communication tools

In our online activities, apart from the career portal, we also conducted a recruitment campaign in Google Ads. Thanks to the implementation of several targeting strategies and diverse advertising formats, we have increased the number of applications for positions. We create e.g. call-only ads, which with one click connect potential candidates with the recruitment supervisor by phone. Creations (banner ads) are displayed on Google partners’ websites and in Gmail mailboxes. Activities carried out on LinkedIn are an additional element building the employer brand. This channel is dedicated to current Vesuvius employees (regardless of position) and candidates. At the same time we are implementing an Employee Advocacy strategy.

CTR of the branding campaign
unique users on the career portal per month

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