Increasing the number of job applications for four target groups: mechanics, service advisors, salesmen, interns.

To encourage candidates to apply for a job at PIA, we decided to communicate this in a more aspirational way. We gave it a broader context as the growth in the automotive industry at its best (premium brands such as Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini).

Starting point

To whom do we address our message?

Our campaign is addressed to four main groups of recipients: mechanics, service advisors, salesmen and interns. What all these groups have in common is an ambition, a focus on growth. However, each of them also brings unique characteristics to the PIA “family” that together create this unique ‘drive’. It is on this unique set of characteristics that we base our communication strategy.

How to achieve our goal?

What do we use to communicate?

In our strategy for Porsche Inter Auto we combine offline expression with online engagement. In outdoor activities we focused on creating attractive and eye-catching flyers, posters and roll-ups. The Careers tab became a key point online, within which we prepared a separate section dedicated to the internship programme. Additionally, we prepared tools dedicated to mass recruitment (e.g. during events or meetings), such as welcome packs for candidates and space branding. We have also boosted recruitment for the internship program through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

There are no problems we can’t overcome

What do we talk about?

We based all employer branding communication on the brand claim “got the drive”. In our communication strategy, we started by analysing the sentiments, strengths and desires of the target group. We have come to the conclusion that each target group has its own unique characteristics, which correspond to the values relevant to PIA.  They are so important that they largely determine success. They all constitute a ‘drive’, a combination of unique characteristics that perfectly reflects the spirit of the brand.

Career Portal

One of the actions aimed at emphasizing the professionalism of Porsche Inter Auto Polska as an employer was to design and implement a career page.

An appropriate content architecture, a clear path for applying, an attractive visual layer and full responsiveness are the main elements that distinguish our website. Thanks to them, we provide candidates with a user experience at the highest level.

Recruitment branding

We have also prepared full recruitment branding for Porsche Inter Auto. Our key visual is a strong point of communication tools presented, among others, at job fairs, events or meetings with candidates. As a result, a consistent communication was achieved at all stages of getting to know the employer and throughout the recruitment process.

Online communication

The image campaign is also conducted in social media (Linkedin and Facebook). In these channels, communication is built around PIA’s corporate claim – “got the drive” and the CTA “what drives you?”. In the posts we refer to the automotive world, which further emphasizes the automotive nature of the brand. Visual communication is consistent with the international profile of Porsche Holding.

Recruitment campaign

We also want to speak to students and pupils in an ambitious way. We emphasise the real benefits of participating in the PIA internship program. We highlight the ambitious goals of the program without flattening its values. We speak the language of youth, using the campaign slogan – Siema, Młodzi! #theinternshipprogram, a reference to the world of social media, which is the everyday life of Generation Z represented by our target group.

Online advertising

To reach our target group, we made use of the vast opportunities of the online world.

The recruitment campaign “Siema, Młodzi!” was run on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. We also designed a dedicated Internship program tab, which is an integral part of the Careers portal.

Using text ads, we reached people searching for specific information on Google to generate valuable traffic to and attract candidates interested in pursuing an internship.

Through remarketing ads, we reached people who had already interacted with the website. In this way, we increased employer brand awareness and encouraged candidates to apply for internships posted on the Careers website.

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