Building a communication system to strengthen employees’ positive qualities.

After a thorough research and analysis, we came to the conclusion that the bank owes  exceptional customer satisfaction to its employees – who they are and how they work. The employees are the ones who take care of the customers’ experience, so now it is worthwhile for the bank to take care of the employees’ experience. We started with what bank employees are like: smiling, energetic and helpful.

Starting point

Strategic and creative concept

The strategic and creative concept was conveyed primarily by the main slogan: “You have IT in you”. We talk about the way employees behave towards themselves and their customers, about their everyday attitudes – emphasising quality, culture and dynamics of work.

How to achieve our goal?


In our employer branding campaign we focused on minimalism, clarity, non-obvious forms. It was challenging for us, but after combining our skills, creativity and true brainstorming we found a solution. We could use quite narrow communication channels, so we focused on: e-mailing, branch interiors, as well as practical gadgets for employees.

Interactive messages

Email and MMS have become our main communication channel. Every Monday and Friday, employees received a GIF, which characterized our approach – minimalism – and also contained a creative message referring to the qualities we want to appreciate in our employees.


We decided to “decorate” objects – where employees feel most comfortable – with a Manifest. It was the way of explaining to the employees why they are so important to us and what we appreciate them for. The Manifest highlighted all the best personal attributes of the bank’s employees, the quality of their work, commitment and the fact that “They have IT in them”. At the same time it underlines the mission, strategy and values of the bank. The employees ALREADY have IT in them, we didn’t want to change them – just appreciate them. And the Manifest expressed and underlined it. Our Manifest appeared in all branches throughout Poland.

Communication in space

Due to the fact that we had few tools at our disposal, we decided to make the best use of social space in the branches. We created stickers on which the main role is played by the cat in Santander’s new scarf. We have strengthened our communication with a message: “Smile at yourself. You have IT in you.” We delivered the stickers to all branches in Poland, where they decorated the mirrors. We wanted to surprise employees even in such a prosaic situation as looking in the mirror, strengthen positive attitudes and make them smile. Who wouldn’t smile at seeing a cat like that?

Interactive final of the campaign

We provided the departments with photo frames resembling Instagram posts. The employees were taking a picture together and sending it to us. Based on the photos we prepared an interactive gallery – a mosaic. It consisted of all the photos from the departments. Everyone could zoom the mosaic, move freely around the gallery to find themselves in it. We wanted the employees to “get acquainted” and appreciate each other. Now everyone could see that “They have IT in them”.

messages sent
dedicated materials
photos of employees on the landing page

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