How to overcome classic, repetitive and low-resonance communication with employees? By focusing on audience perspective and non-obvious channels.

Non-standard message and communication media

Effective internal communication in the age of Covid–19 – how to achieve our goal?

Due to the influx of the same messages regarding compliance with the rules during the Covid–19 pandemic, we decided to put on an appealing context and surprise employees with messages in places where they wouldn’t expect it.

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A new look at an old tool

How to draw attention and encourage employees who have no access to digital tools to look for information in relevant sources? How to ensure that no important information is overlooked by employees in the corporate information chaos?

In our campaign we focused on clarity and transparency of the messages by standardising the form in the visual and content layers.

We decided to update the look of the information boards and standardise them so that every piece of information communicated to blue-collar workers is up-to-date, easily accessible and readable. To achieve this, we developed a universal design incorporating common elements in Umicore colours and fonts, such as the logo, headings and section titles in the form of magnets and a dedicated announcement template.

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Promoting Umicore's values and activities to candidates, employees and the local community

We integrated our activities using available internal and external channels and social media. The company’s values are also the characteristics of its employees – so we wanted to highlight them by showing the community of values through real actions. Diversification of channels has helped us build trust and credibility both among employees and in the local community.

By implementing an employee advocacy strategy in our online activities, we have increased the brand identity among current employees and strengthened the Umicore employer brand.

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How was it working with us?

“LoveJob Employer Branding Agency is the key partner of Umicore Autocat Poland Sp. z o.o. responsible for internal communication and employer branding activities. At the beginning of our cpoperation with Lovelob we worked together mainly on adapting corporate communications to the local audience. [...] The current focus of LoveJob Agency is to build engaging internal communications by developing effective offline and online tools. [...] With full responsibility, we recommend LoveJob as a creative and professional agency in supporting all kinds of branding and marketing activities.”

Magdalena GraczykHR Generalist, Umicore Autocat Poland