How to attract the picky and high expectation generation Z talents? Through the vast possibilities of online recruitment marketing. We have developed a comprehensive recruitment strategy targeted at IT students: from thoughtful social media ads to a dedicated landing page.

Communication based on target group insights

Recruiting Generation Z online – where to start?

The first stage is to develop an online communication strategy based on real insights. To achieve this goal, we conducted in-depth interviews with representatives of generation Z – Saly S.A. employees whose profiles matched those of our internship candidates.

Having researched the pain points of our target group, we developed 3 messages. During the recruitment campaign for the internship program, we tested which message would have a higher engagement rate (clicks and applications) among Generation Z.

Dedicated landing page

In order to implement an online campaign aimed at generation Z, we created a dedicated landing page, a place on the website where candidates can read the details of the internship offer and submit their application.

The landing page was designed with the positions being recruited for in mind: back-end and front-end developer. The dark background, font and formatting of the offer relate directly to the code that interns will develop as part of the program.

We emphasise the value of working on large, commercial projects for well-known clients, which fundamentally distinguishes Saly’s internship program from its competitors’ offers.

Google, Facebook and Instagram – recommended channels for recruiting Generation Z online

We opted for Google text ads and animated gifs on Facebook and Instagram – the channels where potential candidates are most likely to click on our ads and view the dedicated landing page. The target group was matched to the chosen location, demographics, life events (College Graduation) and interests (Looking for an internship).

When setting up the campaign in the Google search network, we followed the principle “think like an IT student looking for a graduate internship”. Examples of keyword combinations searched by the Z generation are: internship IT Krakow, junior front end developer, comarch internship or python internship.

We used several keyword matching options (exact match and phrase match) to ensure that no potential candidate was overlooked. For example, the exact keyword match is “IT internship” and the phrase match keyword is “paid IT internship Krakow”.

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