Job offers.
How to get more applications?

Job offers are and will continue to be one of the most popular tools employers use to communicate with candidates. So how to increase the interest of candidates in the offer to get more valuable applications? Check out our tips below!

Job offers and employer branding

A job offer is a key and often the only employer branding tool used by companies.

Research by the largest job advertisement website shows that over 70% of respondents are more likely to apply for a job in company that actively manages the employer’s brand. Nearly half of them estimate that these companies care more about their employees. In the same study, according to 48% of respondents, companies should communicate the employer’s brand directly in job offers. So let’s get to the point.

Job offers.
How to create them to get more applications?

I go to one of the most popular job portals, choose an area and a region, and then approve my choice. I scan the headlines, read the lead, and find some interesting ads. Some of them get added to “favorites” and are opened one by one in tabs next to each other. In marketing we call it disaster check research – direct comparison of ads concepts or products in front of clients/research participants. We can efficiently assess the image of several employers who compete with each other for the same talents in the same market. It is worth doing such an experiment.

You did it and still don’t know how to create job offers? Below are some tips so you will get much more valuable applications!

1. Create an attractive lead and CTA with a promise of benefits

Present yourself, say something interesting about the company – something that will make it unique. Let it be two sentences, but inspiring! Highlight what’s best. Stand out. The second missing piece is the ending. However, it is not a phrase like: “If you are interested, please send your application by clicking on the application button.” This should be a CTA, that is “Call to Action”, preceded by a benefit that an employee will gain by applying to your company.

2. Use the language of the benefits

“Develop your passions, competences or let us see you – send your CV”. We are left with the entire middle of the announcement, i.e. the scope of duties, requirements, our offer for the candidate. Here everything depends on the target group, the level and nature of the position, as well as our involvement in creating job offers.

Present the responsibilities and requirements. Use verbs, not sentence equivalents. Write in the active voice. Use fresh language and keep an eye on the specifics. Always specify the requirements as best you can. Be clear about the benefits your company offers and, if possible, include information about the salary. Now you only have the graphic part ahead you.

3. Wrap what you want to sell attractively

Make sure your job offer is “nicely wrapped”. Use a theme or elements used in your company’s marketing communication. If the products are familiar to consumers, talk to the marketing department to see if you can use their slogans or slightly modify them. You can use a characteristic photo or show your employees at work. This will help the candidates feel the atmosphere of the workplace and help you build a positive image of the company.

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