How Much Does Recruitment

Advertising Campaign Cost?

If you are looking for new employees and want to reach a selected group of candidates, from among whom you are more likely to choose this one, invest in advertising campaign. Paid advertising campaigns are a great way to attract many people with your offer. You can carry out such activities by yourself, but you can also use the services of an EB agency.
advertising campaign

What An Advertising Campaign Is All About?

Whether we like it or not, we all see advertising campaigns on a daily basis. They accompany us when scrolling Facebook, while surfing Google, reading blogs and forums. Paid advertising campaign allows you to expand your sales range, and generates more profit. However, this is not its only use.

Advertising campaigns are a great solution when you start recruiting for new positions. Together with them, you can reach a wider group of candidates. More! You can even specify which group of them you want to talk to. In this way, you direct the message only to those who you would like to interview.

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Available Ad Formats

And Their Cost

advertising campaign

If you’re planning to launch your first advertising campaign, you’ll need to define its purpose and choose where you want it to show. You can choose from many systems: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Allegro, YouTube, etc. Let’s assume, however, that you want to reach candidates who are actively looking for a job. The Google search engine is probably the place where they spend the most of their time. It is worth placing your ads right there!

Among the most popular formats you will find: text, product, banner, remarketing and many more. But let’s start with the basic one: text ad.

advertising campaign
advertising campaign

Typically, the cost of your text ad is calculated based on two billing models. CPC, or cost per click, is a model in which you pay for each click on the ad, and the display itself is free. CPM stands for cost per mille. Here, you pay for every thousand views, regardless of the clicks.

The cost of each ad depends on many factors, including target audience, when and where you publish it, industry, and more. One company will advertise their product and pay 0.20 PLN per click, for the other – with the same product, the cost of acquiring a customer is 2 PLN.

advertising campaign

Benefits Of

An Advertising Campaign

According to Glassdoor research, the two most popular promotion channels are the employer’s website and Social Media profiles. For this reason, it is worth being interested in launching an advertising campaign on such portals as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Check the benefits of Social Media advertising campaign:

  • it is relatively cheap – the final cost depends on our settings;
  • strengthens the employer’s image by increasing brand awareness;
  • unlimited range – reach wherever your candidates are;
  • building the trust of recipients;
  • remarketing – remind those who previously showed interest in your brand.

You can read about which social channels to choose as an ad place here.

If you are considering implementing promotional activities to attract new specialists, you’re in the right place! Our agency has extensive experience in conducting recruitment and image campaigns and will be happy to select solutions tailored to your needs! Contact us for more information.

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