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Employer branding, known also as EB, is a set of activities building the image of the employer’s brand. It includes both the HR and marketing areas, therefore, when realizing EB activities, we should have specific knowledge. Many employers, and sometimes even the specialists they employ, do not have it. This is where the professional EB agency comes in. Not sure which one to choose? Read this article.

Benefits of EB activities

According to Glassdoor, over 95% of applicants take into account the brand’s reputation. In addition, as many as 69% of jobseekers would reject the offer due to the bad reputation of the employer – this also applies to the unemployed! Read more.

It is worth preventing this and implementing employer branding strategy in your organization. There are many benefits of EB activities. A positive image of the employer means:

  • greater influence on the recruitment process
  • increased competitive advantage on the market
  • better working conditions and reduction of the turnover ratio
  • increased trust of the environment (talents, contractors, partners)

Research shows a strong correlation between an employer’s image and the likelihood to apply.

What employer branding agency

can do for you?

By entrusting your corporate image to a professional employer branding agency, you can be sure of the success. The professionals on EB board: EB strategists, IT specialists, analysts, ad managers, content creators, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, develop and implement a number of EB solutions: from diagnosis, through concept, to execution.

The most popular tools include: job offers, career page (you can read more about the career page in our article), communication on Social Media portals, external graphic media (leaflets, posters, brochures), mailings, newsletters, blog posts, recruitment campaigns (you can read more about recruitment campaigns in our article).

Employer Branding Agency Poland is a good choice

A good EB agency has qualified specialists in various areas of marketing and management as well as digital facilities, because there is no EB without IT specialists or digital marketing managers.

EB agencies in Poland deserve special attention. They are an excellent choice for local and international clients. The advantages include:

  • many employers cannot afford to build EB team of specialists in their organization, because it involves expensive maintenance – employer branding agency is a better and financially more attractive choice for them
  • excellent knowledge of the Polish market, useful when organization increases its reach
  • dynamic development of employer branding services in Poland

See what the Employer Branding Agency Poland can do for you.

To sum up, if you as a brand want to strengthen your image and have a greater impact on attracting candidates, you should consider implementing EB solutions. You can achieve measurable benefits by cooperating with the EB agency from Poland, which, due to the dynamic development of the EB industry in the country, employs and constantly trains its employees so that they can respond to the business needs of its clients.
Are you looking for an Employer Branding Agency Poland? Here we are! Contact us and find out what we can do for you.