Employer Branding Strategy

The appropriate employer branding activities in the company has become an inseparable part of the future-oriented thinking about the organization. Without it, it’s hard to find specialists involved in their work. Find out how to implement it in your company.


Did you know that 86% of employees wouldn’t apply to a company with a bad reputation? Now, when the era of seeking a candidate has come, employer branding activities have become an indispensable part of the company strategy. Read more.

How to implement employer branding activities in the company?

First, it is worth considering whether some of the EB tools are already used in the organization. A reliable image of the employer also means PR events, career page, extensive job offers, and interesting benefits. Employer branding strategy covers both external and internal activities.

How to define what an organization needs?

At this point, it is worth using help. It may turn out to be crucial from the point of view of managing the employer’s image. Perhaps it is worth reaching for tools that systematize certain concepts and gives a picture of the whole problem. Example? The Effective Employer Branding Guide. Thanks to it, you will diagnose which areas in the company are working properly and which ones need improvement.

Needs and problems diagnosed – and what is next?

Without action, there is no effect. Therefore, it is necessary to implement tools that will improve the employer’s image, company’s communication or the acquisition of specific candidates. Examples of tools:

  • newsletters
  • career pages
  • mobile applications
  • visual identification
  • engaging job offers
  • campaign image
You’re not sure what tools to use to bring your employer branding strategy to the next level? Contact us!