Recruitment support for a tester position. Reaching passive target groups of the Z generation. Increasing brand recognition in the potential candidate environment.

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Strategy step by step

Thanks to the analysis of the needs of the target group, we were able to create profiles of model candidates for the position of a tester.

Knowing the target group and its expectations, we moved to the creative part, which included building communication and developing graphics.

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Creative concept

Because our campaign is dedicated to the young people aged 18-24, closely related to the gaming environment, we decided to base our communication on gamedev nomenclature to speak the language of the target group.

In this way, two main slogans were created. Each one indicates that the promoted offer is related to gaming and suggests lack of experience, as required.

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Consistency with the brand requirements

When we started working on the visual layer (Key Visual), we applied the global design standards adopted by the brand. Thanks to them, we managed to maintain the consistency of the message and the individual character of the brand.

The following graphic elements were unified: fonts, display of graphic media, typography.

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No more stereotypes!

Since the gamedev community is considered to be dominated by men, we decided to stop this stereotype. This is how the idea of putting a female figure at the center of our activities was born.

Effect? One of the two leading graphics shows a young, attractive gamer, encouraging all women with a matching competency profile to apply!

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Advanced marketing activities

The PIXEL code allowed us to launch remarketing activities targeted at a group of users who saw our ad at least once, but did not apply to the indicated offer. In this way, we increased the chance of receiving more resumes.

Additionally, we have implemented activities focused on competition. And so, if a candidate entered search terms in the Google search engine related to looking for a job for the same or a similar position at the competition, he/she first came across our offer.

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