Increasing brand recognition on the Polish market. IT recruitment support in an online campaign.

Our proposition:

Let’s Twilio about IT

Twilio technologies are strongly involved in the development of human and technological resources. The IT dimension, which we show in the concept of the campaign, affects all of us.

Our goal is therefore to invite you to a dialogue about brand solutions. We want to show the technological dimension of a company that yet is not known on the Polish market. And later, invite the target audience to apply!

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Step 1: Awareness

As the Twilio brand is not well known in Poland, a brand awareness campaign should be launched first. For this purpose, a catchy claim was created: Let’s Twilio about IT.

A word game in the English language: “Let’s talk about it” in technological terminology, marks the client’s activity, and simply says that he uses information technology. It encourages to learn about what the brand offers, too.

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Outdoor advertising

Even though Twilio technologies are widely present and many people use them, not everyone associates them with the brand. To change that, our concept was to show that Twilio – and what it offers, is with us every day, everywhere.

For this purpose, we focused on dynamic outdoor ads in places usually frequented by people, such as bus stops or railway stations.

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Step 2: IT recruitment

After increasing brand recognition on the Polish market, it’s time for the next step – recruitment marketing.

For this to happen, online campaign aimed at the target group – people who value work on international projects and the prestige associated with technologies of well-known brands on the Polish market, would work best.

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Performance Marketing

We reach candidates looking for specific information (job offers) directly through an online recruitment campaign using a targeting strategy.

Our recommendation? The use of tools such as remarketing, paid adson Google and Facebook, job offers redirecting to the website.

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