Attracting and hiring 120 qualified electromechanics in a dispersed organizational structure. Lack of active candidates. Low interest in job offers.


Multichannel online recruitment campaign and the design and implementation of a Career website. Building employer brand awareness in local markets.

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Automotive Industry and the Challenging Job Market

Due to global industrial transformations, one of the major challenges in the automotive industry is the shortage of highly skilled specialists, especially in areas of new technologies such as autonomous or electric vehicles. Additionally, due to the industry’s common image and associated stereotypes, it may be perceived as less attractive to younger candidates.

Taking all of this into account, automotive companies must actively work to build an attractive employer brand, identified with a developmental work environment.

MAN Truck & Bus Poland is well aware of this, being one of the leading European manufacturers of commercial vehicles. The brand utilized our digital experience and expertise to conduct a multichannel employer branding campaign, focusing traffic on the Career website designed and implemented by us.

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Strategy to Increase Employer Brand Visibility in the Automotive Market

A detailed analysis of the company’s business needs allowed us to develop a tailor-made employer branding strategy, which we leveraged by implementing a range of digital tools. Among them were key digital activities: online campaigns in ecosystems such as Google, and a custom Career website.

In the context of the growing role of electromobility, our campaign aimed to highlight the technological dimension of mechanic and electrician professions.

The communication claim adopted as part of the strategy, “Elektromechanicznie Przyszłościowi” not only emphasized the synergistic connection of both specialization areas but also indicated a specific value for the target group, for whom long-term career prospects were a significant factor in the decision-making process. And that’s not all.

By referencing electric vehicles in MAN’s portfolio, the slogan additionally reinforced message coherence, building strong associations with advanced technology and an innovative approach to automotive, characteristics with which the Partner identifies.

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How to Build a Positive Candidate Experience on the Career Website?

In addition to launching a digital performance campaign, our main goal was to create a Career website that not only effectively gathers all necessary information about the recruitment process in the company but also provides a unique Candidate Experience. Therefore, we incorporated the latest UX/UI standards into the project phase to ensure optimal usability and attractiveness of the website. As a result, a multifunctional recruitment hub was created, which concentrated all traffic from online campaigns.

Thanks to the intuitive interface and clear presentation of company information, we strengthened positive impressions associated with the employer brand. In this way, our website became not only an effective recruitment tool but also a business card for the Partner.

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Optimization of Performance Campaign and Metrics on the Career Website

As part of the digital performance activities, we prioritize defining goals considering various media and persona knowledge. In the online campaign, we focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the automotive market dynamics.

We know that location and geographical context significantly influence job search methods and potential candidates’ expectations. Therefore, during the campaign, we focused on identifying key keywords that were most frequently searched in specific urban agglomerations, and then expanded upon them.

For MAN, this involved extending keyphrases such as “man job offers” with synonyms and related phrases, such as “man job opportunities,” etc.

At the same time, our experience in conversion optimization allowed us to continuously adjust the strategy based on data analysis and user reactions, resulting in a significant increase in clicks on the Career website!

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How Can a Performance Campaign Achieve Business Goals?

The actions taken as part of the performance campaign yielded the desired results, including hiring the expected number of qualified electromechanics and positively impacting a wide range of the company’s business aspects.

Increased operational efficiency, resulting from effective recruitment and hiring of the right candidates, contributed to the optimization of internal processes, ultimately improving production activities and strengthening the brand’s competitiveness. As a result, the campaign not only met recruitment goals but also contributed to building a strategic competitive advantage, enabling the company’s further expansion.

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