Employer brand awareness building and online recruitment marketing. Multichannel campaign increasing the number of applications and the design of the Career Page.

Case of the day:

Struggles of the automotive companies

The competitive market of employers in the field of specialists forces campaign creators to build an engaging narrative that will reach a narrow target group. Communication must bring measurable benefits as an advantage of working in a given organization.

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The campaign aims to show the technological dimension of mechanic and electrician positions. Currently, electromobility is one of the most dynamically developing industries.

The claim “Electromobility of the future” is the point of contact of both positions and provides a specific value – work for years. An additional wordplay brings to mind electric vehicles that are part of the MAN’s portfolio.

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Career page

The main goal of the campaign was to implement a site that would collect all the necessary information about recruitment process. All this data was collected according to the latest UX/UI design guidelines.

The multi-functional recruitment hub we got as a result is a place where we concentrate all traffic from digital performance campaign. What’s more, thanks to its accessible form, we provide candidates with positive values in the Candidate Experience.

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Performance marketing

When implementing performance campaigns, we define goals with a distinction for each medium. We extend the keyword “man job” with synonyms, such as “man job offers”. In addition, we focus on popular keywords related to work, as well as those that are searched in large cities.

All these activities, combined with conversion and the Facebook Pixel, result in high click rates on the career page.

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