Supporting communication changes in SGS Global Business Services, showing the positive aspect of changes and working on the quality and effectiveness of communication.

Ongoing support of employer branding activities.We prepare communication tools in accordance with SGS corporate identity. We are responsible for visual strategy and design. Although we abide by corporate principles, we are also creative. Through communication we create a high-quality employer image and engage employees. Our goal is not just to be just a sender – we focus on feedback culture and active participation in communication.

Let's talk – trainings and consultations

During the meetings within the project group, with the communication team, we work with our own training materials that improve communication skills. These materials support us, but we don’t want them to restrict us from talking. The tools we create respond to the real needs of mid-level employees and managers. Moreover, they are also signaled directly by them.

Text and visual tools

At SGS GBS we faced the challenge of reconciling communication needs of individual employees with corporate guidelines. Due to the unique nature of their work, they needed different dynamics of communication. So we decided to create and support tools consistent with the corporate identity and SGS brandbook. During meetings with the communication team we developed “language patterns”: style of articles in the newsletter, CTA etc. According to corporate guidelines, the graphic layer has been refreshed. The elements we have influence on have been adapted to our internal strategy. We show people with whom employees can identify themselves and the emotions they want to experience.

Start with "why" – Strategy

Based on the report on internal communication in SGS GBS we have drawn conclusions concerning communication providers. We have diagnosed the areas which for the employees are a determinant of communication quality. We also distinguished “communication ambassadors”, i.e. persons/groups responsible for creating GBS’ image in this area. While conducting satisfaction and employee insight surveys we came to the conclusion that for SGS GBS employees internal communication = general communication. The strongest point is communication between employees and managers. We have prepared a strategy adapted to the target – focused on their needs and problems. Additional solutions to improve the quality of internal communication were also proposed, such as communication maps, communication consultations with managers and team leaders.

When the world changes – communication during a pandemic #1

For most companies, the most challenging part of communicating during the pandemic is keeping employees engaged at the home office. That’s why we worked even harder on ‘relevant content’, i.e. focusing on the points that matter most to employees. What tools helped us most in this?

When the world changes – communication during a pandemic #2

Ongoing support of employer branding activities:

  • “GBS on home office” guide – the most important information on home office, but also tips, e.g. how to be efficient, how to organise your time with kids, where to look for psychological support.
  • communication on Yammer – animated gifs on the company chat room, in the form of tips and questions to employees.
  • e-Town Hall with Q&A session – taking care of employees and facilitating direct contact with senior management by enabling them to ask questions anonymously.
  • senior management communication – mailings, Christmas greetings, articles in newsletters – all key information given in a “it’s going to be OK!” tone.
average open rate of an internal newsletter
training meetings
consultations with management

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