Employer branding agency – how to choose it?

Employer Branding is becoming increasingly important both among larger and smaller enterprises. HR specialists are urgently looking for EB activities, because this is the only way they manage to fully satisfy and motivate employees. However, they often forget to set up an appropriate strategy when there are too many tasks. And then the employer branding agency comes in handy! Not sure how to choose the best one? Note the following aspects.

1. Employer branding agency specialists

An employer branding agency that comes up with great concepts, but has no people to implement them, will only make everything difficult. Why? You need a digital background that will complete the entire project. Marketers who will develop an employer branding strategy. Social Media professionals who will take care of Internet activities. Developers who will improve the career page or create a mobile app. Without it, right after you come up with a great EB concept, you will have to deal with it by yourself.

2. Commitment

By this term we understand responsibility, enthusiasm for work, but also experience. This is very important, especially since the more you do, the better you do your job. An employer branding agency specializing in acquiring candidates will easily find distinguishing features in your company. As a result, they will allow you to build a positive image of the employer.

It’s very good if it also conducts training for companies. It means that it passes its knowledge on and wants to share it.

3. How does it talk about itself?

This is a very important point. Original presentation of its skills or website graphics tells a lot about what the agency can offer you. Good photos, interesting videos, absorbing content. If you are intrigued by how the agency presents itself, you definitely need to contact it!

4. What do others say about it?

It’s worth taking a look at the recommendations. If the former associates say well about the agency and recommend it strongly, it means that it’s worth taking a closer look. Inspirational recommendations are aspiring ideas and strategies.

5. Creativity

Everything you read above is very important. But there is no good agency without creativity. Look at the solutions it proposes, the content and the way it writes about its work – that also says a lot about imagination! Then you will find the answer whether this employer branding agency is the one you are looking for.

For our part, we can only add that we hope that the LoveJob employer branding agency seems to you just like the one you need. For us, creativity, comprehensive activities and experience are the three pillars we rely on. Anyway, contact us and check it by yourself!