Internal employer branding: build your employer brand

Employer branding, that is building the employer brand, is divided into internal and external. While the second one is focused on people not yet associated with the brand, internal employer branding is addressed to current employees and business partners. Employers sometimes forget about them and are too focused on acquiring new ones. This is a huge mistake, but more on that in this article.

What is internal employer branding?

Internal employer branding is the process of building the employer brand. It is about the activities that focus on current employees and partners. It aims at keeping people associated with the company motivated to work. What for? A satisfied employee usually is an indirect method of acquiring new specialists or business partners.

The tasks of internal employer branding include:

  • reduction of rotation in the team
  • acquiring new specialists on recommendation
  • increasing the motivation of current employees
  • maintaining loyal specialists
  • gaining new partners as a result of  recommendations

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Internal employer branding: best practices

There are many methods and strategies for building the internal employer brand, but the most popular are:

#1 Employee benefits

These are the benefits packages that every employee receives while joining the firm. The most frequently mentioned include: private medical care, Multisport card, group insurance. They are, however, taking by employees as a standard rather than an actual bonus.

Among the less obvious benefits there are:

  • private vet care for employees’ pets
  • chill room
  • language courses
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan from the employer
  • company kindergarten

As you can see, a lot here depends on the good intentions of the employer.

#2 Internal motivational system

To create a motivation system that meets its purpose and increases your employees’ motivation, listen to them. It is their individual needs and expectations that will be the foundation for building a program. And so, for some, trainings will be important, when for others – contests that diversify daily work. The third group, however, will say that nothing motivates them more than cash bonuses. OK, but the fourth will say that they value the integration during business trips. And so on.

#3 Easy internal communication

It breaks the distance between the employer and the employee. For this reason, keep bureaucracy inside the company to a minimum. For example, bothering with several e-mails to various departments when dealing with approving a holiday application is unnecessary. Finally, create a friendly atmosphere and make sure that all the information you want to provide to your employees reaches them smoothly.

#4 Employee referral program

It is based on rewarding employees, thanks to whom the company acquired new specialists. Of course, in the form of money, most desired by employees. When implementing it, remember about the clear form of the program and make sure that your employees know how to use it.

See how Chipotle hired thousands of new employees thanks to internal employer branding.

There are many methods for effective internal employer branding. However, if we had to indicate the most important one, it would be internal communication. It is the bridge between the employer and employees that allows you to build a relationship based on trust and cooperation. If you already know that your internal communication needs improvement, please contact us. We will help you build the communication that your employees want and create a strategy that will make you a leading employer on the market!

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