Employer branding: what is it?

If you want candidates to fight for a job in your company, build an employer brand. Employer branding – what is it, every employer should know. Why? Because modern employer branding supports not only during recruitment. Read on.

What does employer branding mean?

Employer branding, building the employer brand, covers all the company’s activities that include convincing employees and candidates that it is worth working for you. For this to happen, you need to show jobseekers that your company is a place where they can develop, and iwhen it comes to the current employees – to prove it every day.

A positive image of the company, as well as good opinions, attract candidates the most. Currently, most employers offer benefits that are slowly becoming standard. This means that some of them are no longer treated as an attractive addition, but something that employees simply deserve. In such a situation, the value proposition takes on a completely different meaning.

As much as 20% of recruitment does not end with filling a vacancy.

Employer branding areas

Employer branding divides into internal and external. The first one is aimed at current employees, while the second one focuses on candidates who are looking for a job. Internal employer branding is designed to reduce the rotation and increase the level of satisfaction. It includes, among others:

  • motivating systems
  • key values
  • development programs and trainings
  • integration trips
  • flexible working hours
  • internal communication

External employer branding, that is communication between candidates and the employer, is a set of activities deployed to build a positive image of the employer. It includes, among others:

  • recruitment marketing
  • image campaigns
  • CSR activities
  • participation in job fairs
  • implementation of the career page (more here)
  • activity on social media profiles
  • cooperation with schools

1/4 of the candidates resign from the job offer before the end of the recruitment process.

Employer branding: benefits

According to the research, 86% of HR specialists claim that employer branding activities resemble marketing activities. Conclusion? Employer branding, as well as marketing, have a huge impact on their recipients and can change the way they think about the [employer] brand.

So what are the benefits of a well-implemented employer branding? First of all, it effectively deals with employee turnover, reducing it by up to 28%. However, that’s not all. According to research, 96% of companies believe that the employer reputation has an impact on the incomes. Eventually, it is also worth adding:

  • spontaneous applications
  • more valuable resumes
  • increased interest in working of passive candidates
  • recruiting employees with a strict competency profile
  • reduction of recruitment costs
  • increasing the involvement of current employees

How to implement employer branding?

There are many things that need to be taken care of in order to build a good employer branding. Above all, however, you need to act in a way tailored to the market and the current needs of the candidates. And how to do it?

This is where all kinds of data and current trends tracking can help. They clearly show the dynamics of a changing market and make it possible to adjust the activities to what the candidates currently expect. And that changes constantly.

Do you want to build a strong employer brand? Contact us! Together, we will create a strategy tailored to your needs and implement whatever you choose, whether it’s recruiting campaign or improving your reputation on the employers’ market. More information.

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