What is a recruitment campaign?

The recruitment campaign includes a number of marketing activities implemented to attract the best candidates for dedicated positions. Ads edition, talents verification, offers promotion. This is just the beginning. Find out what a professional recruitment campaign looks like and reach the best specialists now!

Why is it worth investing

in a recruitment campaign?

Firstly, a professional recruitment campaign allows you to reach a group of specialists with the necessary qualifications. It means that our job offers will be shown mainly to those who have the key competences. It also saves time. Instead of drowning in a pile of questionable applications, you will get carefully selected resumes from which you are more likely to find the right person.

In addition, the recruitment campaign has one more plus. Its promotional activities support building the company’s image (more about employer branding you can read in our article). As a result, you will empower your company’s position and increase brand recognition. Effect? Increased conversion rate.

More about recruitment marketing you can read in our article.

How to start

a recruitment campaign?


Before we start recruitment and marketing activities, it is worth determining how we want to implement our campaign. Internally, using our own resources, or externally, with the services of a professional agency.

Self-implementation reduces costs. After all, all actions are performed by our employees. However, are those people related to recruitment marketing? Are they oriented enough in current trends? If not, they should be trained. And that comes with an expense.


An external strategy is much more reliable. When deciding on an offer from an agency, we can be sure that a team of specialists is working on our case. By analyzing our needs and specialized market, it provides solutions matched to both our company and current trends. Only such a comprehensive approach guarantees success.

What does a recruitment campaign consist of?

A properly designed recruitment campaign includes, among others:

  • EVP formulation
  • target group determination
  • market and competition analysis
  • selection of marketing channels (matched to the behavior and preferences of the receiver)
  • ads edition
  • graphic designs consistent with the company’s image

When starting work on the recruitment campaign, we must not forget that it also serves promotional purposes. Therefore, all actions should be consistent with the company’s image. So the campaign could effectively achieve the employer’s goals, it must relate to his or her values. On the other hand, it is an extra incentive for our candidates. Why?

Despites all the obvious information, such as job responsibilities, requirements and salary, the jobseeker needs something more. He wants to know why our company does what it does. Because if he identifies with these goals, he is more likely to apply.

Recruitment campaign and Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience means all thoughts that appear in the candidate’s mind at the points of contact with the company. When planning a recruitment campaign, you need to remember about them. Since CX affects whether a jobseeker wants to cooperate with us or not, it is worth taking care of it in our campaign.

One of the key elements of the Candidate Experience is the job offer description.

According to the “Candidate Experience Report” from 2021, 82% of reported specialists expect credible working conditions description. However, only 32% of them have analyzed such offers.

Meanwhile, another important element is to familiarize the candidate with the current employees. According to Allegis Global Solutions, around two-thirds of applicants are close to accepting an offer if they have met other employees of the company during the recruitment process.

You can read more about it in the article.

In conclusion, an effective recruitment campaign consists of many elements that ensures its success. Because we know that each of them requires specialist knowledge and time, we will be happy to work them out for you! To find out what we can do, contact us. We will help you.