Employer branding – examples

If you’ve ever wondered what employer branding is, here’s the easiest way to explain it. You have certainly visited employers’ websites in the past. If while browsing through them you thought that they gave a positive impression and you could work for them, you probably came across a good employer branding. Discover all the benefits of good employer branding below.

Benefits of employer

branding activities

Employer branding, or simply EB, is a set of activities from the HR and marketing areas. Their basic goal is following – building the reliable employer’s image. Concern about good employee – employer relations, a clearly defined external image and organizational culture, are components of good employer branding. The advantages of employer branding activities include:

  • building satisfaction among employees
  • attracting candidates with a specific professional profile
  • building a friendly and creative work environment
  • acquiring ambassadors for (often free) promotional activities

Employer branding – examples

Employer branding activities can be divided into internal and external due to their reach. Considering the first one, all activities are directed to current employees. Therefore, their task is to create a friendly working environment and build a sense of belonging. Thanks to them, the employees will speak favorably about their employer. Also outside the company. Internal employer branding activities include:

  • employee benefits, e.g. medical care for pets
  • work life balance
  • professional development and access to free learning
  • integration initiatives
  • a unique style of communication inside the organization

In external employer branding, we address people outside the organization, such as candidates and potential business partners. Employer branding activities in this area are focused on building a good employer’s image. It is a kind of constant communication to make the company an employer by choice and not by chance.

External employer branding – examples:

  • online activities and recruitment campaigns
  • adapting the career page (more about it here)
  • attractive, compelling job offers
  • the activity of ambassadors in Social Media (more about ambassadors and the Employee Advocacy here)
  • internship and ambassador programs
  • participation in job fairs and industry events

Employer branding – examples of how other brands have done it here.

Employer branding

agency services

If you do not have dedicated employer branding specialists on board, a simple solution is to use the offer of an employer branding agency. The EB agency has a number of analysts, UX/UI designers, copywriters and digital specialists. With them, you will become a leading employer on the market!

As many as 84% of candidates consider the employer’s reputation when applying.

To sum up, at a time when the marketing awareness of enterprises is at a high level, EB is an area that many employers look after with particular care. So if you want to become a desired employer and cooperate with qualified talents, take care of it as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you with this. Read more.

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