What Are The KPI

In Employer Branding

Why is it worth using KPI in employer branding activities? In order to rate if our employer branding activities are effective, their performance indicators (KPI) should be measured. Thanks to them, we can monitor the progress in achieving the goal. Read more.

What is KPI?

KPI are key performance indicators, and also the basis of employer branding activities. By assigning them a specific numerical value, it is possible to track the status of the strategy implementation process. Depending on the industry in which the organization operates, as well as the strategy and the specific features of the company, KPI differ from each other.

Why is it worth having KPI? There are many advantages. First of all, pursuing a goal, no matter what it is, requires navigating through the flood of information. Using KPI is a great way to reduce this data to a small number of the most important information. Second, KPI are very transparent. By regularly monitoring them, we are able to determine the implementation status of the adopted strategy and identify problems to be solved.

You can read more about defining KPI here.

KPI In Employer Branding Activities

A well-built employer brand supports the acquisition of candidates, including passive ones, who are the most numerous on the job market. It is therefore worth taking all the necessary steps to create the image of an attractive employer worth working for. KPI are crucial in this process. Their definition and monitoring will help you achieve the goal and indicate the problems that you need to eliminate.

What KPI should be used in employer branding activities? Here are some examples:

  • number of applications per year
  • number of applications for a given position
  • the number of clicks on the job offer
  • number of clicks on the application button
  • job cancellation rate
  • application process cancellation rate

Why is tracking this data so important? It shows that the offers, and us as employers, are attractive to potential candidates. For example, if the cancellation rate in the application process exceeds 50%, it means that the process or form of application of your job offer is not attractive. Knowing this, you can solve the problem and adapt your offer to the needs of the candidates.

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You Don’t Know How To Use KPI?

Since defining and monitoring KPI is a job of a data strategist or analyst, it can be a trouble to someone who has had nothing to do with it before. In such a situation, you have two options: you can hire a dedicated specialist or use the services of an employer branding agency.

As part of the activities of a professional agency, you will receive comprehensive support in all EB activities. The specialists on its board are professionals from many different areas. Therefore, if you do not know how to determine and measure your KPI, ask for help from a specialist. This is a much lower cost than hiring your own analysts.


See what an employer branding agency can do for you. Read more.

You already know what KPI to apply in order to build an attractive employer brand. You also know that they are essential to do this. So don’t hesitate! Apply your knowledge in practice and see how a group of specialists comes to you! Do you have a problem with that? Write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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